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TATEM TELECOM, the main authorized operator in the Domestic Republic of Congo, has prompt intends to stretch out its system to North America and Europe. Moreover, as a major aspect of the more noteworthy motivation, TATEM has plans to convey Mobile Money benefits through an incorporated p2p arrangement and along these lines hold an important stake in the 8Bn yearly Remittance space.
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We believe strongly that to develop we must set high customer satisfaction standards. So, we promise to maintain a standard of excellence in all our products and services.


Our mission is to become a world-leading Telecom service provider by offering the most affordable and competitive pricing in the market. We will make your needs our top priority. Therefore, we promise to treat all our customer and partners with the utmost respect and good manners.


Our goal at Tatem Telecom is to meet the needs of our customer by providing innovative, high-quality services. We want to make yo happy. So, we believe strongly that to develop we must set high customer satisfaction standards.

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The Global Ethnic group at faces various delay aspects when speaking with their loved onces in their home in their markets with the absolute most evident difficulties being. The TATEM value proposition is unique and unmatched, offering membership-based benefits to address the above challenges.
Free in-group calls inside the TATEM organization and extremely inexpensive off-net bring more than 3G, 4G, LTE, and Wi-Fi to any worldwide goal.
Calling card challenges include non-working pins, ceaselessly busy access numbers, higher than publicized rates, and inalienable cheating.
Transmission capacity impediments with current net-based administrations imply low-quality administration and Low-quality associations.
So, the accessible administrations are corrective with charges and warrantless expenses.
Hindering expenses of calling home or making international calls.
Hence, no open door for alliances or prizes meaning no investment funds.

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