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TATEM TELECOM, the main authorized operator in the Democratic Republic of Congo, has prompt intends to stretch out its system to North America and Europe. As a major aspect of the more noteworthy motivation, TATEM has plans to convey Mobile Money benefits through an incorporated p2p arrangement and along these lines hold an important stake in the 8Bn yearly Remittance space. The Global ethnic group at present faces various hindering aspects when speaking with their loved ones in their home markets with the absolute most evident difficulties being,

  • Hindering expenses of calling home or making international calls.
  • Low quality associations.
  • The flexibility and convenience to offer the public e-commerce solutions allowing communities to Pay online bills and make purchases online.
  • Re-loadable and utilized wherever Visa Debit cards are acknowledged.

+243 87 100 1400

Your calling partner

No Communication Limits

We provide the best calling App features, includes all the features you need for connecting with your friends and family globally.
World is a local call

World is a local call

Drop your calling card & turn every international call into a local call with very best rates.
Unlimited calls

Unlimited calls

Unlimited calls to select destinations. Peace of mind plans available for individual and business.
Agility and responsive

Agility and responsive

Works on all your devices. Make crystal clear calls from anywhere. All devices supported

Services for everyone

By the community, for the community. Tatem is here to help you grow more.



TATEM Telecom believes that all communities all over the world subscribe to the same values. Our need to discover and seek beyond our boundaries only serves to perpetuate human continuity. When we seek to connect others, we touch the very soul of life, purpose and meaning. Our technology is only as good as we make it. Our hearts go further.

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Get Everyone & Everything Connected Through Tatem mobile APP. You can avail our services by downloading our free App.