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We provide real-time transaction processing to send money and ensure your funds are received directly into a Tatem Telecom account. So, we value the connection between loved ones even if they are thousands of miles away.
Tatem Simple Money Sending


We always try to ensure sending money is as easy as possible and you can send money with Tatem in just a few taps.
Tatem Fast Money Sending


Send anytime and where you are. Most transfers are completed in seconds with ability to set up regular payments.
Hassle Free Money Sending


24/7 access for when you need to make those urgent payments. So, no need to visit an agent.

Wallet To Wallet Instant Money Transfer

However, by using Tatem wallet we can send money and receive money in our wallets without any delay. So, it is very simple, easy and therefore fast way to send money. So wherever you are and whatever you want to do with your money, just do it.
Tatem Send money
Tatem send money

Recharge Your Voice With Tatem Wallet

Want to call but voice line is out of balance not need to worry Tatem is here for you. So, you can recharge your voice with Tatem Telecom wallet. Moreover, it is very fast and safe. Therefore, you’ll easily stay in touch with one another.

Pay Your Tatem Sante With Your Tatem Wallet

In addition, Tatem provides facility of medical insurance to valued customers. Therefore, every penny saved is a penny more for you. So, you can pay your sante fee with Tatem wallet as well.

Pay your tatem sante with your tatem wallet
Wallet to visa card

Wallet to visa card Send money

You have money in your Tatem wallet and whenever you want to withdraw. therefore, just transfer your money to your visa card and withdraw from the registered ATM.

Need support? You are our priority.

Rapid response time to service requests, responding to all customer feedback to get in touch.

PayPal To Wallet Recharge

No worries if your wallet is out of balance, then you can directly recharge your wallet with paypal. So, it is safe cause secured direct relationships with service provider.

Paypal to wallet

Send Money