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This is your online digital signature within the Tatem Community for use to make and receive free calls.

Sign up for a free account and download the Tatem App from the iTunes or the Google Playstore. Only Tatem members can receive or make free calls within the community. So invite your friends wherever they are in the world so you can call them for free!

Yes you can! While our calls to landlines and mobile phones are dirt cheap, you can still make free calls by inviting your friends to Tatem We will reward you for every friend that joins with instant moola! See our referral policy.

These are calls to any destination outside of the Tatem Community. In other words any landline or mobile anywhere in the world. All calls begin with the country code. Refer to your upgrade policy for countries that are dialed directly.

Monthly subscriptions are available or select destinations and are billed to your credit card on file on a monthly basis.

All or any unused credit is rolled over to the next month.

This is the number that is displayed for TatemOut calls.

GSM button allows you to make calls over you existing GSM carrier connection. We strongly recommend switching to GSM when your 3G or Wi-Fi connection is poor or degraded. Normal carrier charges may apply.

No the Tatem App does not need to be registered or logged in to make calls over GSM. In other words to internet connectivity is necessary.

This is an in-country number which is also presented as your caller ID for select communities.

Log into your account and select assign Tatem Number

Varies with destination community & FREE for connected members.

Some countries require proof of residence or valid identification prior to issuing in country Tatem Numbers. Specific country details may be collected or required prior to using in-country numbers.

– Your secret PIN number must be stored in a safe place and is required to verify your account from time to time. You can always reset your PIN within the dashboard.

Yes you can cancel your subscription at anytime to avoid any future billing. Pro rata charges may apply.

Mobile Money

What is mobile money? This is the new way to share & send money to family and friends across mobile devices.

– We offer cash remittance options to mobile numbers in select destinations with integrated wallets such as Mpesa, Ecocash, Ukash etc. We also offer direct airtime top-ups to 300 plus partner mobile networks in 90 countries.

Sending mobile money requires registering for a free account and verification which only takes a few minutes. Currently we accept all for major debit or credit cards including Tatem credit which may be funded with external sources.

Affordable, convenient and hassle free. We provide 24/7 anywhere secure access from any connected device so you can send mobile money to your loved ones without any restrictions.

All our transactions are handled over a secure socket layer. Learn more about staying safe online

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