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how it works

1Join your Nano
Tatem Telecom Community.
2Place free in-community calls within
the network & dirt cheap off net calls
to any global destination.
3Send mobile money securely using
the Check-Out Wallet Card in Seconds

The world is

a local call

Drop your calling card & turn every international call into a local call.

Unlimited calls

to select destinations

Peace of mind plans available for individual and business.

Works on all

your devices

Make crystal clear calls from anywhere. All devices supported

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Building ethnic communities.

Tatem Telecom believes that all communities all over the world subscribe to the same values. Our need to discover and seek beyond our boundaries only serves to perpetuate human continuity. When we seek to connect others, we touch the very soul of life, purpose and meaning. Our technology is only as good as we make it. Our hearts go further.

everyone & everything connected

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